GVR DRAFTING AND DESIGN is an OMAN & INDIA Building Information Modeling Company offering state of the art management consultancy services for designing and engineering projects. We have been working with government organizations, leading developers and corporate organizations in India for the last 15 years. Ever since we established our firm in the year 2001, we have extended our expertise to numerous areas, and this has in turn enabled us to collaborate with numerous clients.

While we operate mostly from OMAN & INDIA we have projects in various parts of the world such as SUDAN BAHRAIN QATER &INDIA Middle-Eastern countries. In 2012, we established GVR DRAFTING &DESIGN an individual department that caters to the growing Building Information Modelling industry. We have been strategizing and developing the implementation of versatile BIM Outsourcing Services to our global clients for the last 3 years. Handling a wide range of BIM and MEP DESIGN projects in this time, we have attained significant experience in this field which truly makes us industry leaders. Ever since we first came into the business, we have always put special emphasis on enhancing the level of technology being used and make sure that maximum benefits are reaped from them.

As a major designing and engineering solutions provider, GVR DRAFTING &DESIGN offers a range of services to clients, which include the following:

  • 3D Modeling support for AEC Industry
  • Coordinated construction Document Support
  • Building Operations & Maintenance Optimization
  • Asset Roll Optimization
  • BIM Implementation & Manpower Deputation
  • 4D Simulation services with collaboration of Project Construction Supervision

Our experts here at GVR DRAFTING &DESIGN have always tried to use the technology that is available in our hands to come up with innovative design solutions that in turn helps our clients to reach their goals. Whether it is is 3D modeling services India or any other area, we are always focused on providing our clients with reliable services relevant to this industry. We clearly understand the various aspects of the business operations that work internally within the organizations that we work with and also how they interrelate with their clients. This knowledge has enabled us to come up with top notch technical solutions for the needs of our clients. We offer highly creative and result oriented building information modeling services to our clients that are always in tune with the changing needs of the industry. We also practice a holistic method of working on all levels and make sure that the safety and security of the people we work with is always maintained.